Tuesday, 1 December 2015

A Convoluted Non-Sequitur

Martin (1992: 375):
The discourse system of lexical relations then is like NEGOTIATION in that message parts, like moves, are not in themselves phoric; both systems are however associated with redundancy as opposed to relevance or reminding phoricity because of the way in which both message parts and moves may be realised through SUBSTITUTION and ELLIPSIS in lexicogrammar.

Blogger Comments:

The claim here is that the experiential and interpersonal discourse semantic systems are both associated with a type of phoricity because units of both systems may be realised by the non-structural textual system of substitution–&–ellipsis at the level of lexicogrammar — in contradistinction to the fact that, in SFL theory, phoricity is an aspect of reference rather than substitution–&–ellipsis.