Sunday, 7 August 2016

Internal Inconsistency

Martin (1992: 546):
There is also the danger that the more domestic fields be misinterpreted as natural theories of experience with the more technical ones treated as semiotic construals of reality.  This is not the case — all fields are semiotically constructed.

Blogger Comments:

[1] Cf Martin (1992: 545):
domestic taxonomies deal with the 'natural' order of things — the common sense construction of experience.
[2] Cf Martin (1992: 545), where "linguistically constructed" fields are contrasted with fields that are not so constructed:
The linguistically constructed taxonomies of humanities, social science, and science are the ones that are most appropriately referred to as technical since they function as distillations of common sense or less technical experience into uncommon sense classifications of the world.

It would appear that Martin is here incorporating feedback he received on earlier drafts, but failing to connect the feedback with the implications of what he had written.