Thursday, 6 October 2016

Post Titles For Chapter 2 — Negotiation: Shaping Meaning Through Dialogue

The titles of the posts that evaluate chapter 2 provide a glimpse of some of its theoretical shortcomings.
  1. Misrepresenting Stratification 
  2. Confusing The Textual And Interpersonal Metafunctions 
  3. Confusing Context With Co-Text And Material Setting 
  4. Misrepresenting The Realisation Of Speech Function In Mood 
  5. Blurring Context And Material Setting 
  6. Confusing Semogenesis And Stratification 
  7. Misrepresenting Stratification 
  8. Underestimating The Mood Grammar 
  9. The Inconsistency In Treating Genre As A Connotative Semiotic 
  10. Misconstruing Stratification 
  11. Confusing Unmarkedness And Congruence 
  12. Misrepresenting Structure, Metafunction And Stratum 
  13. Conflating Content And Expression