Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Misconstruing Instantiation Probability As The Opposite Of Anaphoric Reference

Martin (1992: 375):
One type of lexical relation which has not received sufficient attention here is that whereby message parts either predict subsequent discourse patterns or refer backwards to what has already been written or said.  Winter (1977) proposes a set of 108 Vocabulary 3 items which predict ensuing discourse patterns, especially conjunctive relations.  Winter's point is that using an item like convergence in a sentence predicts that some kind of comparison will follow.

Bloggers Comments:

[1] In SFL theory, this type of 'prediction' during logogenesis is modelled as instantiation probabilities of register.

[2] In SFL theory, discourse patterns are modelled in terms of logogenesis: as logogenetic patterns.

[3] In SFL theory, referring 'backwards to what has already been written or said' is modelled as anaphoric reference.  It is a distinct system from cohesive lexical relations.  Referring backwards is not the opposite of predicting forwards.

[4] In SFL theory, 'using an item' is modelled as the process of instantiation: selecting features and activating realisation statements — during logogenesis, the unfolding of text.