Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Post Titles For Chapter 3 — Identification: Reference As Semantic Choice

The titles of the posts that evaluate chapter 3 provide a glimpse of some of its theoretical shortcomings.
  1. Misunderstanding Grammatical Intricacy [NEW]
  2. On Context "Independency" [NEW]
  3. Misunderstanding The Use Of Reference In A Child's Text [NEW]
  4. Confusing Semogenesis With Levels Of Symbolic Abstraction
  5. Confusing Tracking With Identifying And Misrepresenting English Grammar [NEW]
  6. Confusing Nominal Group Deixis With Cohesive Reference [NEW]
  7. Confusing Nominal Group Deixis With Reference And A Self-Contradiction [NEW]
  8. Confusing Identifiability With Newsworthiness, Deixis And Reader Knowledge [NEW]
  9. Confusing Nominal Groups With Reference Items [NEW]
  10. Confusing Frege's Reference (Bedeutung) With Halliday's Reference [NEW]
  11. Rebranding Co-Reference As Reminding Phoricity [NEW]
  12. Rebranding Comparative Reference As 'Relevance Phoricity' [NEW]
  13. Misconstruing Ellipsis–&–Substitution As Reference And Rebranding It As "Redundancy Phoricity" [NEW]
  14. Rebranding Co-Reference, Comparative Reference And Substitution As Reminding, Relevance And Redundancy Phoricity [NEW]
  15. Misconstruing A Textual Relation (Reference) As A Logical Relation (Dependency) [NEW]
  16. Confusing Semantic Relations (Reference) With Grammatical Relations (Ellipsis–&–Substitution) [NEW]
  17. Misidentifying Both The Reference Item And The Referent [NEW]
  18. Misconstruing Logico-Semantic Cause As Comparative Reference [NEW]
  19. Misconstruing Phonology As Grammatical Ellipsis–&–Substitution Misunderstood As Semantic Reference [NEW]
  20. Misconstruing The Absence Of Reference As "Presenting" Reference [NEW]
  21. Confusing The Referent With The Reference System And Reference With Lexical Cohesion (Hyponymy) [NEW]
  22. Misidentifying Instances Of Reference In A Text [NEW]
  23. Self-Contradiction And Circular Reasoning [NEW]
  24. On Knowledge Of Language As Context [NEW]
  25. Using Pronouns Generically Without Presuming Generic Participants [NEW]
  26. On Adjectives In "Generic Groups" And "Relevance Phoricity" [NEW]
  27. Confusing Nominal Group Deixis With Reference [NEW]
  28. Confusing Reference With Ellipsis And Deixis [NEW]
  29. A Manifestly False Claim [NEW]
  30. Confusing Reference With Misunderstood Deixis [NEW]
  31. Misrepresenting A Misunderstanding Of Deixis As Reference [NEW]
  32. Confusing Experiential Content With Textual Reference [NEW]
  33. Using A Report Of Unseen Data To Support An Unlikely Claim [NEW]
  34. An Invalid Conclusion From An Unlikely Claim [NEW]
  35. Confusing Non-Specific Deixis With Demonstrative Reference [NEW]
  36. Non-Phoric Reference [NEW]
  37. Deploying A Logical Fallacy To Deceive The Reader [NEW]
  38. Confusing Deixis, Reference, New And Theme [NEW]
  39. Misconstruing Non-Specific Deixis As Reference [NEW]
  40. Confusing Deixis With Reference [NEW]
  41. Confusing Identifiability With Identity [NEW]
  42. Mistaking Experiential Identity For Textual Reference [NEW]
  43. Confusing Textual Reference With 'Transcendent' Reference [NEW]
  44. Mistaking Proper Nouns For Common Nouns [NEW]
  45. Misunderstanding The Function Of Personal Reference Items [NEW]
  46. Mistaking The Experiential Construal Of Participants For Textual Reference [NEW]
  47. Misconstruing Experiential Naming And Interpersonal Deixis As Textual Reference [NEW]
  48. Confusing Construing Participants With Reference [NEW]
  49. Misunderstanding And Rebranding Demonstrative And Comparative Reference [NEW]
  50. Mistaking Deixis For Reference [NEW]
  51. Mistaking Numeratives And Epithets For Reference Items [NEW]
  52. Mistaking Experiential Construal For Textual Reference [NEW]
  53. The Oxymoron Of "Undirected" Reference [NEW]
  54. Mistaking The Deictic Function Of Determiners For Their Referential Function [NEW]
  55. Mistaking An Ordinal Numeral For A Superlative Adjective [NEW]
  56. A Misunderstanding Of A Nominal Group And A Misleading Inference [NEW]
  57. Confusing Nominal Group Structure With Non-Structural Reference [NEW]
  58. Deliberately Omitting Falsifying Evidence [NEW]
  59. Rebranding A Misunderstanding Of A Grammatical Opposition As Discourse Semantic [NEW]
  60. Mistaking Experiential For Textual, Grammar For Semantics, And Nominal Groups For Reference Items [NEW]
  61. Presenting Halliday & Hasan's Ideas As Martin's Ideas [1] [NEW]
  62. Presenting Halliday & Hasan's Ideas As Martin's Ideas [2] [NEW]
  63. Presenting Halliday & Hasan's Ideas As Martin's Ideas [3] [NEW]
  64. Misconstruing Nominal Group Modality As Comparative Reference [NEW]
  65. Misconstruing Comparative Reference [NEW]
  66. Some Of The Problems With Martin's Comparison Systems [NEW]
  67. Misconstruing Homophoric Reference As Not Phoric [NEW]
  68. Strategically Confusing Delicacy And Realisation [NEW]
  69. Fig. 3.9 The System Of Identification [NEW]
  70. Strategically Misrepresenting Halliday & Hasan (1976: 145) [NEW]
  71. Confusing Ideational Denotation With Textual Reference [NEW]
  72. Confusing Material Setting And Context Of Situation [UPDATED]
  73. Misunderstanding Homophoric Reference And Context Of Culture [NEW]
  74. Misconstruing Context As Language And Material Setting Instead Of Culture [UPDATED]
  75. Reasoning 'From Below' Instead Of 'From Above' And A Self-Contradiction  [NEW]
  76. Misunderstanding Homophoric Reference As Its Opposite [NEW]
  77. The Inconsistencies Created By Rebranding Structural Cataphora As Esphora [NEW]
  78. Misunderstanding The Interpersonal Function Of Embedding [NEW]
  79. Confusing Immanent Textual Reference With Transcendent Ideational Denotation [NEW]
  80. Confusing Grammatical Reference And Lexical Cohesion
  81. Mistaking Ideational Denotation For Textual Reference [NEW]
  82. Reference Without Referents [NEW]
  83. Confusing Ideational Denotation With Textual Reference [NEW]
  84. Confusing Instantiation With The Syntagmatic Axis [NEW]
  85. Text [3.1] — A Reference Analysis [NEW]
  86. Text [3:1] — Problems With Martin's 'Semantics Of Reference' Analysis [1] [NEW]
  87. Text [3:1] — Problems With Martin's 'Semantics Of Reference' Analysis [2] [NEW]
  88. Text [3:1] — Problems With Martin's 'Semantics Of Reference' Analysis [3] [NEW]
  89. Text [3:1] — Problems With Martin's 'Semantics Of Reference' Analysis [4] [NEW]
  90. Text [3:1] — Problems With Martin's 'Semantics Of Reference' Analysis [5] [NEW]
  91. Text [3:1] — Problems With Martin's 'Semantics Of Reference' Analysis [6] [NEW]
  92. Text [3:1] — Problems With Martin's 'Semantics Of Reference' Analysis [7] [NEW]
  93. Text [3:1] — Problems With Martin's 'Semantics Of Reference' Analysis [8] [NEW]
  94. Text [3:1] — Problems With Martin's 'Semantics Of Reference' Analysis [9] [NEW]
  95. Using Writing Pedagogy To Imply Theory Validation [NEW]
  96. Foreshadowing A Misconstrual Of Stratal Relations [UPDATED]
  97. Participant–Nominal Group "Incongruence" [NEW]
  98. On 'Structural It' Not Realising A Participant [NEW]
  99. On Nominal Groups In Idioms Not Realising A Participant [NEW]
  100. On Indefinite Nominal Groups Under The Scope Of Negation Not Realising A Participant [NEW]
  101. On Nominal Groups Realising Attributes But Not Realising Participants [NEW]
  102. On Nominal Groups Realising Range (Process) But Not Realising Participants [NEW]
  103. On Nominal Groups Realising Range (Entity) But Not Realising Participants [NEW]
  104. On Nominal Groups In Location Circumstances Not Realising Participants [NEW]
  105. On Nominal Groups In Extent Circumstances Not Realising Participants [NEW]
  106. On Nominal Groups In Role Circumstances Not Realising Participants [NEW]
  107. On "The Problem Of Realising More Than One Participant In A Nominal Group" [NEW]
  108. On Possessive "Pronouns" In Deictic Position [NEW]
  109. On "Whether Possessive Deictics Are The Deixis Of The Participant They Possess" [NEW]
  110. Misconstruing Embedded Things (And An Epithet) As Participants [NEW]
  111. Misconstruing Nominal Group Heads As Participants [NEW]
  112. Confusing Textual Reference With Interpersonal Deixis [NEW]
  113. Strategically Misapplying The Term 'Incongruence' [NEW]
  114. Misunderstanding Grammaticalisation [NEW]
  115. Misinterpreting Substitution-&-Ellipsis As Reference [NEW]
  116. Relating Phoricity Types To Nominal Group Structure [NEW]
  117. Giving Priority To Structure And Form Instead Of System And Function [NEW]
  118. Martin's Argument For Stratifying Identification And Nominal Group Options  [NEW]
  119. Confusing Identity With Identifiability [UPDATED]
  120. Confusing Participant Identity With The Systemic Means Of Referring To Referents
  121. Confusing Semogenesis With Stratification
  122. Underestimating Grammar >retitled> A Reference Chain Of Non-Participant And Participant [UPDATED]
  123. Another Reference Chain Of Non-Participant And Participant [NEW]
  124. Oversimplifying Nominalisation
  125. Two Bare Assertions Based On A Logical Confusion [NEW]
  126. "Villified" [NEW]
  127. Misunderstanding Nominalisation And Reference [NEW]
  128. Confusing Ideational Construal With Textual Reference [NEW]
  129. Confusing Metafunctions And Confusing Types Of Cohesion [NEW]
  130. The Notion Of "Grammatical Metaphor Functioning As A Kind Of Discourse Process" [NEW]
  131. Metafunctional Inconsistency
  132. Two Theoretical Problems With Reference Chains
  133. Mistaking Nominal Groups For Reference Items [NEW]
  134. A Fatal Theoretical Flaw And Misrepresenting Du Bois (1980) [NEW]
  135. Identifying 'The Cat' With 'Her Dinner' [NEW]
  136. Participant Chains Of Non-Participants [NEW]
  137. Reminding Phoricity, Relevance Phoricity And Bridging Clarified [NEW]
  138. Redundancy Phoricity: A System With No Structural Realisation [NEW]
  139. A Misleading Analysis Of "Instantial Reference" [NEW]
  140. Misrepresenting Halliday & Hasan On Reference [UPDATED]
  141. The Re-Initiation Of Generic Reference Chains [NEW]
  142. The Analysis Of Text [3:88]: An Attempt To Hide A Theoretical Inconsistency [NEW]
  143. Eight Problems With Martin's Six Notes To His Analysis Of Text [3:88] [NEW]
  144. Eight Problems With Martin's Nine Notes To His Analysis Of Text [3:89] [NEWEST]
  145. Confusing Circumstances Of Location With Reference Items [NEW]
  146. Mistaking Manner For Extent And Confusing Circumstances With Comparative Reference Items [NEW]
  147. Metafunctional Inconsistencies
  148. Some Of The Theoretical Problems With Participant As The Entry Condition To The System Of Identification [NEW]
  149. Misconstruing 'Multivariate' & Metafunctional Inconsistencies [UPDATED]
  150. Martin's Insight That Interruptions Depend On There Being Something To Interrupt [NEW]
  151. The Commonality Of Reference Structures And Negotiation Structures [NEW]
  152. The Major Limitation On The Account Of Participant Identification [UPDATED]