Sunday, 9 August 2015

Misconstruing Mood Adjuncts Of Temporality As Continuity Items Of Counterexpectation

Martin (1992: 232):
With counterexpectation, there is a set of aspectual continuity items (e.g. already, finally and still) which are opposed to a set which are not concerned with unexpected starts and finishes (e.g. just and even).

Blogger Comments:

[1] In SFL theory, these adverbs are not continuity items that mark logical relations.  Instead, they function interpersonally, serving as mood Adjuncts of temporality, which contrast with mood Adjuncts of intensity, one type of which is counterexpectancy.

[2] In SFL theory, these adverbs are not continuity items that mark logical relations.  Instead, they function interpersonally, serving as mood Adjuncts of intensity, subtype: counterexpectancy.