Friday, 7 October 2016

Post Titles For Chapter 1 — Discourse Semantics: A Proposal For Triple Articulation

The titles of the posts that evaluate chapter 1 provide a glimpse of some of its theoretical shortcomings.
  1. Confusing Strata
  2. Confusing Realisation And Instantiantion
  3. Misconstruing Realisation And Instantiation
  4. The Problems With Semantic Motifs As A Motivation For Stratification
  5. Misrepresenting Grammatical Metaphor
  6. Misrepresenting Cohesion
  7. Misrepresenting The Domain Of Cohesion
  8. Misconstruing 'Cohesion Within The Sentence'
  9. Not Recognising The 'Continuity' Between Clause Taxis And Conjunctive Cohesion
  10. Why The Argument For A 'Discourse' Semantic Stratum Is Invalid
  11. Misconstruing Stratification
  12. Misconstruing The Level Of Symbolic Abstraction Of Cohesion
  13. Conflating Realisation With Instantiation
  14. Inconsistency In Reconstruing Reference As Identification
  15. Problems In Construing Cohesive Ties As Identification Structure
  16. Problems In Construing Cohesive Ties As Ideation Structure
  17. Inconsistencies In The Notion Of 'Discourse Semantic Structure'
  18. Discourse Semantic Systems: Metafunctional Inconsistencies
  19. Confusing Stratification With Instantiation: Register And Genre

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