Sunday, 26 June 2016

Presenting Unsupported Claims As A Survey: Status & Grammatical Metaphor

Martin (1992: 529):
Table 7.10. Aspects of the realisation of unequal status
Unequal status
[grammar foregrounded]
interaction patterns
interpersonal congruence
interpersonal metaphor

Blogger Comment:

The claim here is that:
  • interpersonal congruence construes the tenor feature 'dominate', whereas
  • interpersonal metaphor construes the tenor feature 'defer'.
This claim can be falsified by concrete examples of the interpersonal system of modality:
  • the implicit modality of you might be right is claimed to construe the tenor feature 'dominate', whereas
  • the explicit modality of it is expected that you attend is claimed to construe the tenor feature 'defer'.