Saturday, 9 July 2016

Presenting Unsupported Claims As A Survey: Contact & Grammatical Metaphor

Martin (1992: 532):
A number of the key realisations for involved and uninvolved contact are surveyed below.

Table 7.12. Tenor — Aspects of the realisation of contact
[phonology foregrounded]

interaction patterns
experiential metaphor
experiential congruence

Blogger Comments:

The claim here is that:
  • experiential metaphor construes the tenor feature 'involved' contact (a lot of previous contact between interlocutors), whereas 
  • experiential congruence construes the tenor feature 'uninvolved' contact (less previous contact between interlocutors)
This claim can be falsified by concrete examples:
  • glass crack growth rate is associated with stress magnitude is claimed to construe a lot of previous contact between interlocutors, whereas
  • glass cracks more quickly the harder you press on it is claimed to construe less previous contact between interlocutors.
Clearly, the relevant contextual dimension here is field, not tenor.  Metaphorical realisations are more likely to construe specialised fields, whereas more congruent realisations are more likely to construe everyday fields.