Monday, 18 July 2016

Invoking Clinical And Social Psychology

Martin (1992: 535):
The system network for affect developed in this section is presented in Figure 7.15.  As with system networks in general, the account is a purely synoptic one, glossing over completely the elaborate interplay that charges relationships between speakers.  For this a dynamic accounts needs to be constructed, drawing on a long tradition of theory and practice in clinical and social psychology.  Regrettably, no attempt has been made to develop an interpersonal dynamics here (this concern will be raised again in below).

Blogger Comments:

[1] The 'system' of 'system network' is shorthand for system–&–process.  The system is located on the cline of instantiation, from potential to instance.  The process is instantiation, the selection of features and the activation of realisation statements during logogenesis, the unfolding of text.

[2] The belief that the 'long tradition of theory and practice in clinical and social psychology' has much to offer the tenor classification of the relation between interlocutors, as either charged or neutral, during the dynamic unfolding of text, arises from Martin's misunderstanding of that relation as the behavioural surges and predisposed reactions of individuals.

[3] Regrettably, this concern is not raised again in (Narrative Genres).