Monday, 3 October 2016

Post Titles For Chapter 5 — Ideation: The Company Words Keep

The titles of the posts that evaluate chapter 5 provide a glimpse of some of its theoretical shortcomings.
  1. Misrepresenting The Chapter 4 Model Of Conjunction
  2. Misconstruing Context As Register
  3. Not Recognising The Stratification Of Content: Dictionary Definitions
  4. Not Recognising The Stratification Of Content: Thesaurus
  5. Misrepresenting The Model Of Transitivity
  6. Misconstruing Unassigned vs Assigned As Single vs Double Agency
  7. Misrepresenting 'Semiotic'
  8. Misrepresenting The Directions Of Coding And Mistaking A Verbal Projection Nexus For An Identifying Clause
  9. Falsely Claiming To Have Uniquely Classified Two Lexical Items
  10. Misconstruing The Agency Of Identifying Clauses
  11. Lexical Cohesion Update
  12. Confusing Textual Cohesion With Experiential Delicacy
  13. Relocating Lexis Outside Language
  14. Misconstruing Semantics As Context
  15. Inconsistencies Of Structure And Metafunction
  16. Misconstruing The Difference Between Lexical Item And Grammatical Word
  17. Confusing Register (Language) With Context (Culture)
  18. Confusing Context With Semantics
  19. Misconstruing First Order Field As Its Semantic Description [1]
  20. Misconstruing First Order Field As Its Semantic Description [2]
  21. Misconstruing Experiential As Constituent Of Logical
  22. Misconstruing Stratification: Semantics Realising Semantics
  23. Misrepresenting Congruent Vs Incongruent
  24. Confusing Context, Semantics And Lexicogrammar
  25. Misrepresenting Superordination (Hyponymy)
  26. Misconstruing Field As Language
  27. Misconstruing Meronymy As Hyponymy
  28. Misconstruing Ellipsis Of Repetition As Relational Hyp(er)onymy
  29. Misconstruing Synonymy
  30. Confusing Lexis With Grammar
  31. Misconstruing Antonymy
  32. Misconstruing Ellipsis Of Repetition As Relational Meronymy [1]
  33. Misconstruing Ellipsis Of Repetition As Relational Meronymy [2]
  34. Misconstruing Location (Enhancement) As Possession (Extension)
  35. Misconstruing Ellipsis Of Repetition As Relational Meronymy [3]
  36. Misconstruing Synonymy + Collocation As Relational Meronymy
  37. Confusing Lexical Cohesion And Reference
  38. Misrepresenting Hyponymy As Bridging Hyponymy
  39. Misrepresenting Meronymy As Bridging Meronymy
  40. An Unwarranted Claim About the System Of Identification
  41. Misconstruing Ranges As Mediums
  42. Confusing Collocation With Transitivity
  43. Misconstruing Logico-Semantic Relations Realised In The Clause [1]
  44. Misconstruing Logico-Semantic Relations Realised In The Clause [2]
  45. Misconstruing Expansion Relations Realised In The Nominal Group
  46. Misrepresenting Ranges As Mediums
  47. Misconstruing Enhancing Circumstances As Elaborating Ranges
  48. Misconstruing Enhancement (Cause) As Elaboration
  49. Misconstruing Extension (Composition) As Elaboration
  50. Misconstruing Extension (Possession) As Elaboration
  51. Misconstruing Elaboration As Enhancement
  52. Misrepresenting Elaboration
  53. Misconstruing Enhancement & Projection As Extension
  54. Misconstruing Elaboration As Extension
  55. Reducing All Verbal Group Complex Relations To Extension
  56. Relocating A Subset Of Manner Circumstances To The Verbal Group
  57. Reclassifying Function According To Form
  58. Misconstruing Projection As Enhancement
  59. Misconstruing Enhancement As Elaboration And Elaboration As Extension
  60. Classifying Expansion Type On The Basis Of Form
  61. Presenting Theoretical Misunderstandings As An 'Alternative Perspective'
  62. Misconstruing Experiential Nuclearity As Logical Expansion Type
  63. Misunderstanding 'Instantiate'
  64. Misconstruing Elaboration As Extension And Extension As Elaboration
  65. Misconstruing Logical Relations As Interpersonal Enactments
  66. Confusing Metafunctions And Confusing Context With Semantics
  67. Misconstruing Extension As Enhancement
  68. Confusing Implication, Cause And Modulation
  69. Misconstruing Ideational Semantics As Field
  70. Confusing Strata And Confusing Metafunctions
  71. Self-Contradiction And Misunderstanding Stratification
  72. No Identifiable Discourse Semantic Unit Realised By Clause Complexes
  73. The Avoidance Of Experiential Meaning In Discourse Semantics
  74. Using Ideational Labels For Textual Units And Vice Versa
  75. Misconstruing Incongruent Realisations And Expansion Types
  76. Misconstruing Extension As Elaboration And General As Instantial
  77. Misconstruing General Lexical Cohesion As Instantial
  78. Confusing Strata And Confusing Metafunctions
  79. Claiming The Verb 'Stand' Is A Repetition Of The Verb 'Tabled'
  80. Claiming That Analysing A Text Can Alter The Mode Of The Text
  81. Structural & Metafunctional Inconsistencies
  82. Misconstruing Extension As Elaboration
  83. Misconstruing General Lexical Cohesion As Instantial
  84. Misconstruing Mode As Genre
  85. Misrepresenting Processes As Subclasses Of Clause
  86. Misconstruing Enhancement (And Complementarity) As Extension
  87. Misconstruing Mode As Genre
  88. Misconstruing Context As Register
  89. Misidentifying The Main Differences Between Martin And Hasan
  90. Misrepresenting Grammatical Metaphor & Neglecting Interstratal Accountability
  91. Misidentifying Transitivity Rôles And Expansion Types
  92. A Summary Of Discourse Systems Inconsistencies
  93. Misconstruing Instantial Probabilities As Structural Relations
  94. Construing A Scale From Hyponym To Ellipsis (Via Word Classes)
  95. A Convoluted Non-Sequitur
  96. Misconstruing Instantiation Probability As The Opposite Of Anaphoric Reference
  97. Three Minor Clarifications
  98. Confusing Three Distinct Notions Of "Predicting" Discourse
  99. Claiming That Conjunctive Relations Are Realised By Nouns
  100. Multiplying A Misunderstanding Of The External Vs Internal Distinction
  101. Misrepresenting Field And Misconstruing Interstratal Realisation
  102. Misconstruing 'A Realises B' As 'A Makes B Material'
  103. Misconstruing 'A Realises B' As 'A Makes B Come To Be'
  104. Misconstruing 'A Realises B' As 'A Reconstitutes B'
  105. Misconstruing 'A Realises B' As 'A Is A Metaphor For B'
  106. Self-Contradiction
  107. Misrepresenting Interstratal Relations

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