Sunday, 3 May 2015

The Oxymoron Of "Undirected" Reference

Martin (1992: 113):
This subclassification of undirected reference is outlined systemically in Fig. 3.7.  Reference to a [superset] is made optional; then [selective] reference to a particular member of the superset is contrasted with [non-selective] reference; the remaining options break down selective and non-selective reference as these have been described (the recursivity of the [quality] feature is not shown).

Blogger Comments:

[1] The notion of 'undirected reference' is an oxymoron.  Reference items refer to referents.

[2] In addition to being based on the misunderstandings identified in the preceding posts, the system provides no realisation statements that specify either:
  • how these features are realised syntagmatically at the level of discourse semantics, or
  • how the discourse semantic features are realised at the level of lexicogrammar.

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