Saturday, 16 May 2015

Metafunctional Inconsistencies

Martin (1992: 155):
NEGOTIATION is an interpersonal system; it focusses on the discourse semantics of MOOD.  IDENTIFICATION on the other hand is a textual system; it focusses on the discourse semantics of nominal DEIXIS.

Blogger Comment:

In terms of metafunction, nominal group DEIXIS, in the system network of DETERMINATION, is an interpersonal system.  Deixis is concerned with relations to the here–&–now of the speaker and listener.  Halliday & Matthiessen (1999: 180):
… the structures of both types of group constitute a kind of path between the interpersonal reference point, reflected in the Deictic or Finite, and the experiential one, reflected in the Thing or Event.
REFERENCE, on the other hand, like all cohesive resources, is a system of the textual metafunction.  As a means of referring, it is concerned with the textual status of identifiability.

In contrast, the discourse semantic system of IDENTIFICATION is concerned with referents of the same identity in the unfolding of a text; 'reference chains' would be more accurately termed referent chains.  The relations between the referents in chains is construed in terms of dependency, a resource of the logical metafunction.

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