Sunday, 3 May 2015

Misconstruing Experiential Naming And Interpersonal Deixis As Textual Reference

Martin (1992: 111):
The subclassification of presuming reference is formulated systemically in Fig. 6 below.  Naming is referred to as [unique] reference and opposed to [variable]; within variable reference [pronominal] and [nominal] are contrasted; then nominals are subclassified into those with demonstratives [directed] and those without [undirected]; finally directed reference is broken down into [proximate] and [distant].

Blogger Comments:

[1] To be clear, in SFL theory, Martin's opposition of [presenting] and [presuming] is the grammatical opposition between non-specific and specific deixis, respectively, an interpersonal system of the nominal group, misunderstood and rebranded as a discourse semantic opposition of the textual metafunction.

[2] This confuses nominal group deixis with cohesive reference, and rebrands the grammatical confusion as the discourse semantics of reference.

[3] To be clear, this confuses the construal of experience as names with the textual system of cohesive reference.

[4] These are classes of grammatical form, not semantic functions.

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