Thursday, 7 May 2015

On Nominal Groups In Extent Circumstances Not Realising Participants

Martin (1992: 131):
Circumstances of Extent are realised through nominal groups realising measurement: yards, laps, rounds, years etc. (Halliday 1985: 137-138).  It is unlikely that they would be presumed by a phoric nominal group:
[3:68]  She      swam    40 laps
            Actor  Process  Circumstance: extent

Blogger Comments:

To be clear, Martin has defined 'participant' in terms of nominal groups functioning as the Agent or Medium of a clause.  This definition already excludes all circumstances.

But even in Martin's terms (ideational denotation), such circumstances do "introduce a participant" whose identity can be subsequently presumed, as shown by:
She swam 40 lapsThey were her fastest yet.

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